A User’s Guide to Divorce #6

Welcome back to The PureJoy Podcast. This week I chat with Cole Johnson host of Cole Sportz and Revelation and author of Ten Scriptures on Divorce that Can Change Your Life. We talk about this latest writing project a book about having a spiritual approach to divorce. We also chat about organized religion. Finally we get to understand how he finally learned how to search for the one and maintain a happy marriage with his wife. This man knows a lot about relationships.

Before we get into this episode we have a couple of updates. First, I emailed Daniel from the episode “Stay Lost, don’t be found;” because I needed to know more about Aline. That email is on my website for The PureJoy Podcast in full. He and Aline are very much in love and planning to reunite soon. If any of my listeners have a background in immigration law and can help Aline with her visa please get in touch using the contact page on my website. Daniel and Aline are currently trying to raise $3000 to cover the cost of being married. Daniel also shared one of Aline’s drawings which I will post with this episode.

I am very excited to announce that due to the popularity of out fourth episode Jennifer will be returning as a co-host. For our first episode together we will be interviewing Rhonda Spaziani a therapist who works with the transgender community. This will the first of several chats about this topic.

So all of you listen in and learn how to find your soulmate.



Photo Credit: Possessions by Jerome Naselli license 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Screenshot Back Pack Baron

Image: Daniel Roy Baron Instagram

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