“Stay Lost, Don’t Be Found” #5

Hello aliens and people that are being abducted by you. Welcome to this week’s episode of PureJoy the Podcast. I’m your host Joy. This week I chat with Daniel Roy Baron who can be found on all social media under that name. You know how it is when you’re known by three names; you will probably assassinate a president. Seriously, I was out of my league chatting with a free thinker that didn’t make me wish he could crawl back under the rock he’s been hiding under since his last album. Anyone else wore out on Kanye? Maybe it’s just me. Back pack Barron is helming the Win News Network trying to bring humanity together so we don’t destroy ourselves. That’s a plan I can get behind. We talk about everything under the sun: refugees, mental health, helicopter parenting, gun control, dating, true love. Listen in and decide if he redefines your understanding of the meaning of First Nations. And listen up next week when Roy provides an update on he and his love Aline.

Find Daniel Roy Baron on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plus Google

Photo credit: Roy Daniel Baron Facebook

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